Saturday, June 20, 2009

Writing Prompt: Humorscope

I wrote one of my free reads doing this (Life in the Details, if you're interested) and I think it's fun!

Go to Humorscope.

Try to use YOUR sign to write either a scene from an existing work, or just a quick short story to flex your writing muscles. Share if you'd like to. They change every day, so if you don't like today's, you can try tomorrow -- but make sure you copy the one you use, since it will disappear!

Have fun.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, I think I've come to the decision that I'm going to spend my summer editing.

I've been having some issues with my manuscripts and I really need to get them fixed. Currently I have 7 finished manuscripts. At least. Two of them are submitted to two different publishers, the others need me. Desperately. The past two weeks, except for a few prompts, I've done nothing but edit. Nothing new. So much for my 500 words a day.

Until I have these manuscripts in order I'm going to halt the new writing. I'd like to see a few more submissions go out before I turn to a new project.

Of course this is going to be EXCEEDINGLY difficult because I love to write the new stuff. I generally have several different projects going at any given time, but I have to put on my serious author's hat and get these finished ones done.

But if Marianne posts any more prompts I'll be happy to play with those. I love prompts.

And I'll be checking in.

But my word count will sadly remain at 0 until I'm able to start writing queries and synopsis's.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Prompt

Okay, I think I did this correctly. But if I didn't please forgive me. I've had a long day that included rescuing a desk from the recycling center (makes my old desk look like it belongs in a second grade class), sick kids, driving a half hour for chinese food only to discover I went to the wrong restaurant and the one I really ordered from (in error) is only 2 minutes from my house.

So, I only did 4.

1) Core 2 (from my Dell tower)
2)Winter Signs (written on the top of one of my kid's school papers)
3)Surprise Return (From a TV Guide article)
4)All The Reasons- (From a Reisen candy ad)

Story Premise

1)Core 2- A team of scientists must recreate the earth's core for the survival of mankind.

2)Winter Signs-A loner in the mountains is forced to share his home with a stranded hiker during a blizzard.

3)Surprise Return-Sarah had no reason to doubt that Ted was never going to return, but when he comes back with a fiance, she has to deal with her broken heart all over again.

4)All The Reasons-There was nothing that Beth and Pete had in common, but they still couldn't imagine a life apart.

I did an exercise like this before. My group had to come up with a title and premise or hook for each letter in the alphabet. It was fun and came up with some good ideas!

My Really Bad Week-But A Prompt

I can count the number of new words I wrote this week on one hand and still have 4 fingers and a thumb left over. That's it. A big fat goose egg.

Add to that the fact I got another R this week and a huge workload and that equals blah.

Actually, the R was, as usual, complimentary and encouraging and they said they weren't interested "at this time" which leaves a door open for a someday.

So, what did I do? I queried the same story to Avon. So there. And all week I've been working on the issue the rejecting editor had with the sample I sent. Passive sentences.

So, I have been working, just not on anything new.

I did manage to do the prompt though, which I'll post shortly. Right now I have to head out to pick up my DD who's returning from two days of Special Olympics.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Writing Prompt #3

Okay... I'll try not to be SO weird, lol.

I actually came up with the idea for "Kitchen Matches" from a writing prompt I found on Lynn Viehl's blog, Paperback Writer. It's fun, unique and no two people should have the same answer.

For this week's writing prompt, go HERE and do what she says. Have fun!

And, keep on setting that 10 minute timer.

Another Week...Still No Prompt

Well, Marianne, I tried this prompt but what I came up with made no sense--in a bad way. I may keep going at it because, quite frankly, it's a challenge. I did do the ten minute typing challenge. I've been doing that daily. Works well, even with the added distraction of children around.

As far as word count goes, I finished last week with 5178 words, working on two different wips. Not too bad. Not as good as last week though. But I was a day short because I counted last Sunday's words last week since May was ending. That was another 1300 words. But I won't count them twice.

My daughter and stepdaughter have spent all of yesterday writing their own stories. I was busy editing SD's story while she was writing a new one. My DD wrote a very short (and rather disturbing) story and parts of three others. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I think I may have a little Stephen King on my hands. And if her writing now is any indication, she's going to be one heck of a writer when she grows up and develops her talent. If she sticks to it, that is. She's pretty good for a twelve year old!

I hope that isn't just a mother's bias.

Everyone have a super Sunday! It's cake baking day here at the Hebert hacienda. Joy.

I hate baking.

With a passion.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Thank goodness May is over. The good news is I'm alive! At time, I wasn't quite sure I'd see June arrive. The other good news is I actually managed some words. Not as many as I hoped, but with all that's going on I'll take the 3386 words. I also revised 13581 words and resubmitted my proposal.

I have until July 1st to get this book written. Because of my skiing accident, I may need surgery in the next few weeks. Until I find out for sure though, I'm writing like crazy. Not even a cast on my left hand is going to slow me down.

Hope the words are flowing for you!