Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Haz a Thought

Hey ... things are awfully quiet in here, and I'd like to get them stirred up a bit. Some suggestions:

1. A weekly writing prompt.
2. Timed writing.
3. Writing challenges.
4. Other (insert suggestion here).

I LOVE writing prompts... they really get my juices going. I'd be happy to post one every week if anyone was interested.

Otherwise, is it possible JaNo has run its course?

Let me know what you think!!


Sarita Leone said...

I like all three thoughts, and would be up to any of the challenges...soon. I've got to admit, I'm failing woefully at meeting my word count this month. My dad is visiting and I'd much prefer spending the hours with him than at my desk. In a few short weeks I'll have time to sit here and miss him, but now he's all mine and I don't want to waste a second. So...I'm in, but not for a while yet. And I hope we haven't run our course; I'd love to have this support come fall when the wind blows and there aren't garden chores to do; that is, when I'm back at my desk and writing up a storm! :)

Ceri Hebert said...

I LOVE writing prompts!!!!!!! Challenges too. Heck, Id try all three.

Melanie said...

I'd really like to see you guys work off a writing prompt. That's always a bunch of fun!

I've always wondered how to pronounce the "Wri" in JaNoWriMo. Is it pronounced like the word write? I'm curious.