Monday, May 25, 2009

Where Did the Time Go?

I keep asking myself that. It seems like just when I think I'll have a moment to write or edit or do something for myself... it doesn't happen. Where does it go? Does anyone know?

Well, this last week has actually been pretty good. As far as writing it's been more about editing and getting some rewrites done that needed to be done so I could feel good about submitting this story. It's my Cowboy story, and I'm hoping it doesn't need much more since I had to rewrite the entire ending and parts of the middle. I think it's so much better for it now.

So, my word count for this last week is mostly rewrites, but it's all new to the story... so it counts. LOL I have 3513 new words for that story, and about half of the edits which add I dunno a couple thousand more words, but only in tweaking. LOL

Now, to see if it's ready for submission. Cross your fingers, I want to get it submitted by the end of the month... and that's Sunday.


Ceri Hebert said...

Edits should be worth twice as much! Good luck on the submission. My fingers are crossed.

Kealie Shay said...

LOL, thanks Ceri, I agree edits should be worth way more word count points. And thanks, mine are crossed too... now if I can just get the synopsis done... :::shudder:::