Sunday, November 15, 2009

Me, too & a Question to All JaNo-ers

I, too, am giving up the ghost. My NaNo story just wasn't cooperating, and I refuse to waste my writing time on a story that isn't useable. So, I'm back to editing "Return to Stiller Creek" and working on the new "A Jewel For Geoff" instead.

Good luck to the NaNoers out there!

Also, to the folks here at the JaNoWriMo blog -- is there any reason or interest to keep this blog open? If not, I'm going to shut it down. Though I do admit to having a January NaNo on my mind...

Please let me know?


Ceri Hebert said...

Is there any reason to shut it down? I wouldn't mind trying JaNo again, so I'm all for letting it hibernate for a few months.

I feel better, actually, about letting NaNo go for this year. I'd rather get some other things done.

Marianne Arkins said...

I don't suppose we would HAVE to shut it down, but letting it sit dormant offends my sense of neatness, lol.

I'm totally on for a JaNo -- DH will be back to work on a regular schedule and all the funkiness will be over, as much as it's EVER over, for me. Let's plan on it.

Melissa McClone said...

I don't see why you would need to shut it down. It just sits unused if no one's posting. BTW, I'm not a neat person so just put the clutter on me. I don't mind ;)