Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So... I started writing on my NaNo book again yesterday and ... it sucks. It's boring, it has almost no conflict, and the characters are wooden.

Yes, really.

And, I contemplated and considered and realized -- I HATE editing. HATE it. Especially when there are major plot changes. So the question I asked myself was: do I push through (because I know I can get 50,000 really sucky words) or do I stop, breath, and brainstorm a little bit so that when this thing is done, it's actually something I can use.


I want it to be something I can use. So, for the next couple of days, I'm going to stop writing and start thinking. I'm going to consider what my real conflict is (because the one I thought I have isn't one as it turns out), what the black moment will be (because, oddly, I never had one in mind) and how I can flesh out my characters a little better.

I know that's not what NaNo is about. I know I'm supposed to say "Damn the torpedos (or in this case, the plot) and full speed ahead!", but the last time I did that, I got 50,000 words and a story that was shelved, never to see the light of day.

That's just a stupid waste of time. I don't need to prove to myself I can write a novel -- I've done that. I need to use my time wisely. Do I hope I can jump back in and still make my goal? Absolutely. If I know where I'm going, then writing 2000 words or more a day shouldn't be out of the question.

So... that's where I am. Wish me luck.


Sarita Leone said...

Oh Marianne, I hate to hear you're having such a tough time. But it sounds like you've got a handle on the situation, and know what you've got to do next. I'll be thinking of you, and sending good writing mojo your way!!

Eat cookies. I've been eating cookies for days, and it seems to help... :-)

E's said...

Luck wished.

I agree with your reasoning. You gotta live, think, and write. I could mash out 50,000 words starting with: "The boy went to the store..." and tell everything the boy did over the course of 50,000 words. But if all the happenings are as boring as "going to the store" I doubt I'd even want to re-read to edit it.

Yeah, think about a good story with great characters and conflict, black moment, and all that jibber jabber and write something worthwhile, at least re-readable.

I like your blog...

Ceri Hebert said...

Ya know, what is the purpose of NaNo when you don't like what you're writing? Is there a point? I've been lucky that I've liked what I've put out (though it seems to take forever to get it fixed up into something presentable). I even like what I'm writing now, now that I've scrapped the original 10k words. So if I don't hit 50K I'm determined not to be heartbroken.

Good luck to you! :)