Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Block on My Head...

This past week, I think I may have written thirteen words.

I despise the term "writer's block". I am stubborn and will usually push my way through. I have tricks I use (prompts, challenges, writing scenes out of order) that usually work.

Not this week. I've tried working on "Drive Me Crazy" (the sequel to Kitchen Matches), "A Jewel for Geoff" and "Queen and Assassin". No matter how much love I have for them (and I have MUCH), I just can't seem to write.

I am beyond frustrated.

Still, I'm going to keep beating my head against it and eventually I will break through.



Sarita Leone said...

Oh, no, how rotten! It's just so discouraging when that happens.

Maybe you need to walk away, enjoy the sunshine for a while?

Yesterday afternoon I planted trees, and I think I worked my way through most of the book I'm not writing. Going outside usually works for me. Maybe it'll work for you, too?

Hoping this week will be better for you, and that the words just fly from your mind to the screen. :)

Ceri Hebert said...

We'll have a better week! Right?

smellshorsey said...

Try writing from another character's POV, switching gender in a scene (just temporarily), mixing things up.

Find a way to get back to where it is fun.

I know all this because I am usually blocked and this is what people have told me to do, so it must be right.

So sorry you find yourself here, but know it won't last. Quit trying so hard and it will get easier.