Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Really... I'm Writing

So, here I am checking in a day late. Except, I realized I never checked in last week. WHOOPS!

It kind of feels like a case of "If It's Not One Thing It's Another" lately. Some days are better than others, but this last week has sucked monkey butt. Health wise, it's just been same old same old, but stress wise... My stress has been through the roof this last week. The reason? Spring Break!

Some of y'all know, but for those who don't know: I have FOUR boys under the age of 10. They're my miracles and I love them to pieces, but they have a never-ending well of energy that I wish I could tap into. How come the youngsters get all the energy when it's the old fogies who need it? How fair is that? LOL

So, chaos was the word of the day in my house... every day. It's hard to even think, much less find time to sit and write. Add to that a cranky hubby who has started up a new class in his Masters program and writing wasn't the first priority. Yup, my muse is pouting, she swears I'm ignoring her... and well, I am. My word count for right now is a big fat ZERO. Okay, maybe not a complete wash, I did get a bit of editing done last night and the night before, but then I got sidetracked by my sticky laptop keys. I'm a bit anal about that, drives me nuts if I can't type fast and have to keep going back and fixing stuff when the keys stick.

Okay, okay.. I'll admit it, it was a bit of procrastination. And, you should have seen the look of horror on my hubby's face when he came into the kitchen to find all the keys of my laptop on the table. *snicker* I was sitting there with a can of compressed air and electronic wipes surrounded by little black keys as he stood there blinking at me. And not just a couple... every... single... key.... hee hee. But, hey, it works so much better now. So now that I've rambled on about my nonexistent word count I'm off to finish posting today's hottie. Yup, I'm behind on everything. Maybe I'll get caught up within the next year. Maybe not. But, hey, there's lots of joy even when it's insane. I'll just have to keep on writing! :-D


Marianne Arkins said...

Half of my laptop keys no longer have the letters on them... so I'm afeared to take them all off, lol. Still, I don't disagree -- I sat for an hour the other day taking off 2 or 3 at a time blowing air, using tweezers to get the fuzz...

Hang in there. Spring break is OVER.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Yup... what Marianne said about Spring Break.

Take a deep breath.

Joanie said...

Kealie! Four boys--and all under ten?!? Wow, and you still get writing done! I tip my hat to you.

Kealie Shay said...

*sigh* And not a moment too soon, I was about to find the duct tape and an empty closet. LOL

And, LOL, Joanie. Yup, but I adore them even when I want to wring their necks and I have a hubby who is super involved in his kids' lives so he's just as likely to be taxi driver as I am. I teach ballet too. I have to get girly time in somehow. So, it's hit and miss sometimes. I give myself the goals and I let Mysti challenge me and it gets done. I really want to get edits done so I can submit and get my first rejection. LOL