Sunday, April 19, 2009

Writin? I Don't Know Nuthin' 'Bout No Writin'

Yah, it must've been that kind of week for a lot of people.

I had one day of mediocre writing.


And I only got 334 words down.

It was a week of being sad about my submission to Samhain being rejected, trying to figure out "now what do I do with it?" (it's a sequel to one of my Samhain books), editing it to make it a stand alone (which thankfully wasn't that difficult. It only meant tweaking a few scenes) and hoping that whoever I send it to next will like it better than Samhain.

So, while my new writing was pretty pathetic, at least I got a weency bit of editing down while I wallowed in self pity.

No, kidding, I only allow myself a few hours of wallowing. Then I get back to work.

Anyway, I was digging a garden yesterday and this morning my arms won't move so I'm typing with my nose. Today more of the same. Depending on how I feel when we're done digging I may just have my mom bury me in the newly dug dirt. Sounds pleasant and soft.

If not, I'll be back in action tomorrow. Or tonight. But for now I have to get my manuscript off to someone else. Could be the start of a beautiful new relationship.


smellshorsey said...

Yesterday called for gardening. I did some, too. I keep watching the tomato plants but they don't seem to have grown in the first 20 hours. Must have done something wrong:).

Your garden will grow. Your mother won't need to bury you. And we'll all be back to writing soon.

Ceri Hebert said...

We had another good day in the garden. Got it all dug. Should be ready for planting soon.

But I'm still hurting. Leftovers for dinner tonight. I hope I'll be able to type tomorrow.

But I made good progress today.