Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I finally managed to sit down and work on edits for "Return to Stiller Creek". I only got through about 8 pages, and then realized it was going to be tougher than I thought.

See... I'm changing the hero from the police chief to the lawyer who handles the heroine's parents' estate (such as it is), but there comes a point where he MUST be the police chief and not a lawyer, and it's a turning point in the emotional relationship between the H/H, so I don't want to cut that scene.

What to do... what to do?

I have several ideas on how to handle it, but it's very important, so I don't want to mess it up... unless....

Oooh.... got another idea!!

::::runs off to work::::


Charity Tahmaseb said...

How’s your spine looking?

Er, I mean, story spine? I’m dealing with a similar thing. I’ve combined Landon and Gordon, which means MacKenna has a bunch of history with Landon and a bunch of baggage.

And essentially this changes every single scene of the story. Because, you know, I like to make things difficult.

However, the spine doesn’t really change. The big events still happen (i.e., prom). I can work with a segment of the story and it keeps me from freaking out about the novel as a whole.

It's sort of the one-inch picture frame of revising.

Sarita Leone said...

I think it's great that you found time in your wild schedule to sit down and work on the story. I am jazzed to hear it! And I think it's good that you've got more than one idea in mind; you're not written into a corner and have options, which is something I like. I hate finding myself in a corner!

Hope you get the details ironed out. Keep up the good work! :)

kaitlin1997 said...
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Ceri Hebert said...

Sorry.. the Kaitlyn poster was me. My daughter (who's name is not Kaitlyn btw) had the computer signed in.

I had said:

LOL! I hope you figure out your fix!