Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, Monday

Oh, I do like Mondays. Even Mondays when I spend two hours blowing snow and another hour shoveling snow. I even love a Monday when I blow, shovel and then haul firewood into the house(after dumping all the snow off the top of the tarp that covers it).

I'm serious. I really do love Mondays. Today I got so much done I could just sit here and grin.

Wait...that's exactly what I'm doing. Oh boy, I think I might've done too much today. Brain seems a bit on the mushy side...

No matter. One Grand Season made its way to 10,649 words today. Yay!

I'm into chapter 3, where the heroine makes her biggest faux pas thus far. Oh, the poor girl! She's really going to step in it before she finds her happily-ever-after.

I hope everyone else is enjoying JaNo. Write on! :-)


Ceri Hebert said...

Great progress!!! Keep it up!

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm a fan of Mondays, too... normally. LOL...

Great job!