Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I'm . . .

a totally lame writer this month! I'm still at 2,500 words. That's it for the whole month. My story got to the point where I am actually writing other stuff to avoid writing it (yes, I'm that desperate). You know when the muse pulls you in a different direction and you ignore her because you know it's a siren's song? I listened to the song. I've been guilty of cheating on my story and writing other things.

Plus, I joined Facebook - that's at least a whole week of productive time down the drain, right?

Oh, and as soon as I got rid of, whoops, I mean said a tearful goodbye to my house guests, my husband said, "I have an opening in my calendar next week, schedule a vacation in Dubai for us." Normally I need about two months to research hotels and flights (I know, I need to let it go, it's a vacation after all).  But 48 hours later we're booked for Dubai, husband is even flying on his requested, specific plane type (the A380) and I've been busy (read, not writing said neglected novel) researching what to do in Dubai. Unfortunately, and thwarting my plans to sit in a pool-side lounge chair diligently typing away at my novel, there are lots of things to do in Dubai - like the largest indoor ski area! In the desert. Who knew?    


Joanie said...

My daughter would be so jealous of you right now. She's minoring in Arabic, and has already spent countless hours on the web researching Dubai. Her goal is to teach English over there for a year or so, then come back home with cash saved to get her masters in Egyptology. You're going to thoroughly enjoy yourself this week. It really is a marvelous place!

Keri Mikulski said...

Oh no.. FACEBOOK.. My biggest time sucker. Beware. :)

Have fun on your vaca!