Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mid-week confessions

Okay, I'm not going to belabor why I'm behind, and why I had to catch up all last week, but I am going to confess. Sunday night I thought life was truly grand again. I had finished all of my overdo redoes of nonfiction assignments and managed to get everything else done last week on time, and my computer has been humming right along trying to keep up and be forgiven (knock wood--or in the laptop's case, knock plastic). Monday was sunny and wonderful here, I brainstormed all morning to get back into the frame of mind I needed to revisit what I had written nearly a month ago, pounded out a re-roughed scene, then happily followed my daughter to Tulsa to do some shopping after she got out of college classes. I even wrote in the car while I was waiting. I was really being good.

Then yesterday happened.

I only had to meet someone at 11:00--yes, it was an interview of sorts, but not one I really had to work at, just a meet-and-greet kind of thng. But I woke up tired, telling myself all the reasons I wasn't ready to meet this new person who I might be working with a lot in the future on something I hope will bring in new revenue (I lost a huge chunk of yearly revenue when due to the economic conditions Toyota didn't renew a project I've been working on for 12 years). But the more I tried to force myself, the less I could find the stamina to go. So, about 9:30, I rescheduled the app't for Thursday and went to WalMart. Yes, I am depressed when I voluntarily go to WalMart when I really, really don't have to. But I got ice cream, so that was a good thing (maybe).

Back home I ate my ice cream and caught up on email I hadn't read because I was re-doing everything. And read email. And read email. Finally about 4:00 I turned off the computer and had written exactly 497 words. Not even quite a full page single spaced.

So, my confession. I know I needed yesterday. I know it came because I worked too non-stop the previous week. But today I will write. Today, I will write at least 3000 words.

I will!

Good, I feel better now that I know I've said it out loud to everyone.

Thanks group!


Ceri Hebert said...


Marianne Arkins said...

We all have days like that (some of us more than others: *raises hand*). Hang in there!

Sarita Leone said...

Those days are necessary. Emails, finding time to eat ice cream and take a break from life's demands...all good. And good for you for recognizing you needed a break.

Hope today goes well for you! Sending good writing thoughts your way. :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Been there..

Good luck! :)