Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Totals

So... 50,000 words didn't work out for me. I DID find that, when I really apply myself and even with my busy "other" workload, I can easily write 750 and work hard to write 1000 words a day.

So, I set next month's goal at 1000 daily words -- hard, but attainable.

Last month? Though I didn't make my goal, I DID write ... which was huge for me, since writing has fallen through the cracks of late. Better, I fell in love with my fantasy all over again AND I figured out how it would end.


I have a new idea for my lighter story in Feb (I never can focus on just one project), so that's good, too since Geoff and Co. are being buggers.

For now, though -- here is my word count for Jan:



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That's great, Marianne. I think one of the wonderful things in the whole project is that for many of us, it really got us writing again. AND helped us get excited about projects that might have been on the "back burner".


Ceri Hebert said...

Not too shabby. And it got your fantasy back up and running. Can't complain about that.

Now off to make pancakes and maybe start my 500 words.

Joanie said...

A lighter story for a shorter months--that's a great idea. And despite Geoff and company needing to straighten up, you had good progress for January. Congrats!