Monday, February 9, 2009

Not my fault!

Okay, I'm very late in posting my progress--but that's because some nasty person on the internet apparently wanted to thwart my writing efforts. I had some weird security alerts pop up at the end of last week, and gave me fits when I tried to access various web pages--including this one. I hung back a little and stewed over things, talked to some friends, and as my internet access continued to shrink, I started doing a system back up to DVDs and then yesterday did a full reformatting of my laptop. Several friends told me there are a number if icky things rearing their active little heads that are worming and virusing their way into any systems that show a chink in the armor. I've always used McAfee, and had it going the whole time, but when I did my virus scan late last week it did actually have to isolate 8 viruses that had gotten through it.

The reformat makes my system clean and run very nicely this morning, and after I get all my necessary files back on that should be the best part of the story. Unfortunately, when I finished the reformat last night (really about one in the morning) I pulled the couple of disks I particularly need on my computer and tried to reload the files. Emphasis on tried. Apparently, I also now have a DVD reader/writer that will write to disk, but then can't read what it wrote. I can read all the CDs and older copied DVDs that I want. But not the latest.

So, now to my progress--or I guess I should say regress. I have a copy of my wip that I emailed myself a couple of weeks ago, so instead of gaining the 7000 words I wrote last week, I'm back about 18,000. However, I'm not daunted. I know where I've been and it will be much easier to find my way back. I'm just glad I never back up only one way.

Challenges; what would we do without them?


Marianne Arkins said...

so instead of gaining the 7000 words I wrote last week, I'm back about 18,000.

My heart breaks for you... I've had that happen before and it's so demoralizing.

Good luck going forward!

Joanie said...

Thanks for the empathy, Marianne, but I figure it will be better the second time. Right?

smellshorsey said...

I'm so very sorry. May those 7,000 words come back to you even better the second time, and swiftly bring their friends.

Keri Mikulski said...

Yikes! So sorry.

Best of luck and hope this week is better.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm so sorry you lost all of that, Joan.

I hope things get much, much easier.

Tiffany said...

Gosh, that's awful! I hope the Muse is extra nice to you now to make up for the loss!