Saturday, January 3, 2009

Notes from the last couple of days

Current word count: 4011, but I haven't written yet today. That's next.

I was hoping to come on here and be inspired and I was. I think it was Ceri or Keri, but one of you mentioned how nice it is writing in this manner and getting such wonderful support. I so second this! It's just a great place to visit at the end of a long day.

I played around way too late with a collage last night. I didn't like any of the images I found and power point was driving me crazy, etc., etc.

I really like the collage idea. Tonight, as a reward if I make at least 1000 words, I'm going to start gathering images for an old-fashioned cut and paste collage, which I'll make when I return to MI on Tues. Then I'll take a pic and post it. ;-) I'm such a techno whiz kid.

My mother asked me this evening what my story was about. And I told her. And I'm now thinking maybe I need to rethink some of my plot twists. It also pointed out the places I'm really unclear on. Those were the points where I'd be in the middle of explaining a detail and my eyes would glaze over and I think I probably went slack-mouthed and started saying, "Um, uh."

I'm worried I may have more of those than I realized.

I'm writing this draft in a linear manner. I never do that. I'm going to write out of sequence tonight and see how that goes.

I'm giving myself all these "treats" to write tonight because I am a MORNING writer and I'm so darned tired right now!

But I'm going to write.

Happy writing!


Dru said...

With all that you have to do, you're doing great! Your words will flow.

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay.. if you make a cut-and-paste collage, you need to take a picture of it and post, k?

You're doing fine.