Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks, Charity and Marianne!

On Writing Wrongs, Charity gave a great tutorial on making a powerpoint collage.

So, finally, I got it.

Marianne suggested a great website for images: http://www.sxc.hu/

And here's the result:


edeevee said...

Your collage is intriguing. Hope you let me read this story when it's done!

Ceri Hebert said...

Love it! I want to know more about the story!

Dru said...

I like it.

Marianne Arkins said...

I feel like it's a trick question:

What do cooking spaghetti, a cute, fluffy dog and a psycho, screaming vampire have in common?

Okay, she may not be a vampire, but she's very scary.

You did good.

Karen said...

Glad you're back. Congratulations on the collage.

Charity said...

Very cool! I'm so glad you found what you needed to make the collage.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'd love to D - this is new for me and I'm having a blast.

Thanks, Ceri - I'd like to know more about the story, too. I'm still working out some of the sections.

Um... yeah, she's a vampire, sort of (that's the main theme of the book - it's complicated). And she's a celebrity chef who does Italian-American stuff and she has a dog named Panna (cream). Panna's a bichon, and they didn't have any free bichon images.

Thanks, Karen, but now that you've seen it maybe you don't want to get together on writing? (Just joking).

Thanks again, Charity - this was so helpful. Each of these more abstract motivators are working SO well for me this time around.

smellshorsey said...

You've got my attention! Just keep the vampire away from the dog.

If I ever feel like I'm beginning to catch up on my word count, I'm going to try to figure out how to do a collage. I know it would be inspiring and worth the time, but I can't really make myself take the time when I feel so behind.

Good stuff!

Keri Mikulski said...