Friday, January 2, 2009

Walking Not Running - Day Two

After much procrastination, I finally got cranked up and wrote what I'm guessing is Chapter 2 (with holes and much babbling). It's a little too edgy for my intended market but maybe that was lack of oxygen on my part. I wrote 1,562 words while walking 2.4 miles on the treadmill. I hoped to write more but looking at the screen and walking made me slightly seasick. This is a new thing for me. There's really no reason to look at the screen. I'll have to train myself to watch the scene in my head instead. Not sure how accurate this is, but I burned 265 calories, too.

And I got a gold star on my honesty calendars. I'm like a six-year-old. I'll do anything for a gold star. I have calendar for the treadmill, and one for writing. I intend to have a whole page of gold stars this month.

(Notice I don't have a quality calendar -- not measuring that this month.)

I hope the rest of you are hitting your goals and most of all, having fun.

Anne AKA smellshorsey


Dru said...

WTG on your word count!

How do you write and walk at the same time?

edeevee said...

Exercising AND writing? Up for sainthood soon? Yay you!

Marianne Arkins said...

Seriously still amazed that you can walk and write. Good job with your word count!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That sounds pretty darned cool - writing and exercising. I had up on my facebook status the other day: "Jennifer is working out and writing - not at the same time."

If I were you, I could skip the second part.


Joanie said...

Excellent progress, Anne. I see many gold stars in your future!