Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bleh...A Whiny Diatribe (Dang...I don't think "diatribe" is quite the right word. Too bad!)

Happy JaNoWriMo 2009.

Note that I did not end that with an exclamation mark...

I shall have to include this past week in the "nothing ever goes as planned" file. My house is not clean, in fact, it is disgusting. My Christmas decorations are not down. All those little projects I had optimistically planned to finish haven't even been touched. I did manange to get a lame photo post up on my regular blog, but I haven't gone near my diet blog for Prevention Mag (probably because I haven't "gone near" my diet over the holidays!) and I need 2 skits before next Thursday's 4-H meeting. My hubby has been sick and therefore HOME all week. I slipped on the ice Sunday and strained/sprained my hip, so I can't bend, do housework, or sit for any length of time; This makes extended typing just so much fun. I had a wonderful Christmas, but everything has been strangely busy and weird ever since - probably because I've been trying to pick up the slack for my hubby. My mom is upset with me because I am shutting down today and taking no calls and going NO where. The windchill today is supposed to make it feel something like -20ºF outside and the high winds will threaten our electric power.

Oh, and did I mention that I have PMS and my hormones are raging and I'm probably coming down with a virus and my right arm is shorter than my left and I overslept this morning and dang, my hip hurts and my disc drive is making a funny noise so my husband is going to take OUR ONLY COMPUTER to a shop for who knows how many days because our extended warranty expires this month so we'd better get it taken care of now and I'm making mountains out of mole hills and I just want my chocolate and my teddy bear?

I'm whining, aren't I? Sorry.

OK...Groovy is off to conquer the world and do some small bits of writing in short spurts - between doses of chocolate and coffee.


Ceri Hebert said...

Oh my. I was going to complain that I need to clean house because my brother in law is coming to take our monster TV and we can't get it out of the place without major upheaval. And my arm and hand hurts.

But I won't.

I hope you're feeling better soon. And that you don't lose your puter for long (wish I could lend you one of ours, we have 4 including a laptop). At least PMS doesn't last for toooooo long.

(((hugs and cyber chocolate)))

Charity said...

Oh, I hope things even out for you soon. I slipped on the ice the other day too and my elbow aches, but at least I can sit at the computer.

Maybe you can hide out somewhere with a notebook and do a little writing?

edeevee said...

Dang, Groovy. I'm pretty sure some of your molehills really ARE mountains. Hope you've got lots of chocolate!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Chocolate, warm blankets and I hope the computer is back SOON. Forget the house - it'll still be dirty whenever you get to it.

I hope all gets much, much easier soon.